Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


And Tpruvot has joined also LUX team


anybody had problem with lux wallet? all my coins are gone and tried to sync again behind for 23weeks when I opended it eventhough I just have it closed for about 2hrs


stinger84, go to


thank you


I have same issue, did you resolve it via discord? I’m just mining straight to the exchange right now.


what pools are people mining b-hash on?


So what is the most profitable coin this days?


I’m trying


very low hash on that pool


How could you lose your coins from wallet? Did you already contact their support? Any result?


had that problem too. reduce the intensity works for me. i use 22.5 (default intesity) on my 8-1080ti rigs and it works fine. But another 10-1080ti rigs can only use 21 intensity. my 1060 can only use 19.


may i see your .bat file?


Yea sorry, we just started our pool! Though we have no fees until the 25th, to encourage people to help us grow!

But also it’s good to remember, the less miners we have, the rewards are much higher (just spaced further apart) than pools with large amount of miners.


I tried this, but it did not work, may be I have to update something, i will investigate. Thanks for the tip Anyhow


all good had to restart my wallet twice and it showed up again


Is Ultima so profitable? cryptoguiminer always has it first…

Edited: It went up today…no volume…with just two buy orders…


Cool, I am glad for you!


I suggest to do not trust profits you see there.Their calculation is VERY bad and you wont get amount of coins you see in CGM…


how many b-hash are people getting per 1080 Ti per day
I’m getting about 0.5 per 1080


Same here, 0.4/0.5 max…