Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Personally I find that POS coins pay better then POW coins in a bear market. I’ve been mining Ultima, Rampant when they first came out. Now Bhash and Hydra. Easy profits when difficulty is so low. Bhash is listed in CB and Hydra will list in Graviex soon and CB after.


Can you please tell me the link to bhash coin exchange?


New coin:

Bitcointalk tomorow


I found this one:


hi everbody i am new here. İ have one rig with nvidia. 2 1080ti 5 1070. İ am mining rvn for 1 month. But profit decrased. İ want to try new coins. Which coins generally are you mining at now


Impleum is Asic friendly…


asic friendly fyi


How many Bhash and Hyrdra are you getting per day per 1080 ti?


don’t mine hydra anymore. bhash should be ok.


Thanks, how many B-Hash do you get per day per 1080 ti?


What about Infinex ?what is the profit per card?many miners on bsod on this coin


What’s the best x17 miner for 1080Ti currently ? Trying to mine XVG-x17



I’ve always seen alexis’s version of ccminer worked the best for me on x17 though i haven’t mined verge in a while.

On another note pornhub now accepts verge… lmao


God damn, pay for porn… nonsense…


This is cracking me up, PORNhub of all the partnerships out there, ahahaha


Well, this is big news actually… not that people would ever acknowledge… pretty big news… XVG prolly gonna Rise, Grow, you know what I mean :smile:


lol, price says something different :joy:


Your right mobsy, this is kinda a big deal… i just found this snippit that cracked me up


• Porn sites attract more visitors each month than Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter combined.
• 30 percent of Internet content is porn.


Thanks but Alexis give me an error on x17 :
Cuda error in func ‘quark_blake512_cpu_setBlock_80’ at line 547 : an illegal memory access was encountered.

Might be some porn countermeasure :slight_smile:

Spminer is working but with 15.5MH so I think I could get better


John McAfee announced as an adviser for LUX