Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Honestly some new coins scream scam… IE selling a ton of MNs or crazy ICOs or other things that just seem too shady to be good. But then there are some that are in the grey that can go either way, like Ultima i thought was a scam but ended up making a couple hundred bucks off early mining it. Honestly I wish i could give a better answer but there is no clear formula to figure out which will be good and which will be bad as some bad ones make you money and some good ones fade to nothing…


What version of miner do you use?

What about BTCP ?


Hey Darck1,
enemy 1.03; suprnova pool

Regarding to BTCP, I didn´t even start to mine it, but will do soon. I will post results here.


I use DSTM for BTCP and all equihash algos as i’ve seen the best results from it.


How can i calculate reward?

Diff = 24000. Reward = 340
Diff = 21000. Reward = X ?

If all other variables are constant. Help please


Guys which one is better Awesome Miner or Sniffdog for Mulitimining switcher >


better to just use the miner corresponding to ur algorithm directly


So at 21,000 difficult you will be awarded with 388 rvn per day


Is there a direct proportion? I found a formula like below if this is correct than it is not direct proportion right?

Block reward is controlled by: 2222222/(((Difficulty+2600)/9)^2)


Good formula to calculate estimate profit i found in bitcointalk:
but by my opinion real result is 15-20% lower.


Thanks i will look in detail


Its not good for any coin to has so much hash power to a single pool. there are other pools for luxcoin like pickaxe, futurecoins, altminer and more. dont gather so much hash power to bsod. if we want to have a good and secure coin to mine…


We can mine it on … The pool for LUX was reopened…


For LUX, Uniming has about 1,900 miners compared to 5,800 for BSOD (both charge 0.9%. Sounds like I should consider moving to UniMining


Switched to UniMining from BSOD too…


What’s the payout in these pools - Bsod vs Unimining etc?

I’m using pickaxe and getting a bit over $3/day for each 1080 Ti or about 0.4 lux/day per 1080 ti

any benchmarks to compare other pools?


all those pools have alot ot miners now and they find many blocks. they dont differ alot at what they give you per day. now the reward has dropped even more…its 0.35-0.30. because lux price has gone up.


Just started mining SnowGem (XSG) (current price is ~$0.24) on MiningSpeed…I’m using 6x1080ti. Using DTSM zm-0.6 miner. Power at Core +100 / Mem -500. Getting average per card of Sol/s = 650

Ranked highly on only done it for an hour or so, therefore unclear on whether it looks profitable or not


Hate msternode coins…


ITIS.NETWORK mining started !!!