Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


That is so not true.

Some cards are better at certain algos then others are; but overall profitability is more based off difficulty of coin, network hash rate, how well your card can mine that algo, and price of coin.

For the most part nvidia cards can handle all algos decently , amd are a little more picky on what the can effectively mine. Just be careful of what algos an asic can mine and avoid those and you should be fine.


Thanx trog.
what you think is better to mine? Long term coins (trustable) ar fast mine and sell random coins?


Does anyone have a link for Lux SPMOD. It was beautiful when it worked for me before but i lost it. I like Lux as a fallback.


I’ve been using which used to be reliable for raven and some other coins, probably there is something buggy


Here shows $ 5 per day


lux sp mod1


I’d be careful with that link, unless you paid for it from the original source.


haha so don’t use it if you aware…

Join the telegram channel of and add bsod bot. You can find many miners there, also spmod.


unreliable calculator… I only get $1 in 5 hours mining LUX with 6 cards (3 1080ti and 3 1070)


After ALPS (Will probably go back to it soon to get some more coins on shared MN) I am mining now EDEN/REDEN, the “Scam Coin”. Trades around 1:3-1:6 REDEN:RVN on discord. So with 300Eden/day this is 900RVN at 0,000005 currently thats 0.0045btc a day per rig with 6 1080TI cards. Mining it at which worked out for me better than alttank for now.
Will mine some days and see if I change to RVN, or put in shared MN.


i’m mining now 1 day luxcoin ! 3x gtx 1080 ti = 0.9 luxcoin
hasrate 33,9 mh/s per card


I got only 40 Rvn day for each 1080ti this is 1.5$ day each card


Interesting. my 24h profit for 5x1080Ti is 273 RVN


2 rig x6 1080ti each
Tried with another pools as well…




Yeah, got less today/last 24 hours; 195 RVN.


I’m going for LUX at the moment…price has taken a nice step up as most crypto has. RVN on the other hand has stayed at the same price or even dropped a bit despite a mini-bull run


That depends on when you need the money.

If you bought the rig on credit (horrible idea) or spent money that you need for something else then you should be looking to pay it off asap. And with that be mining the most profitable coin per day and selling it each day back to fiat so you are gaining money with least amount of risk. This tends not to be the most profitable approach but is the safest.

I tend not to mine coins that are “trustable” because they are established and with that have a larger network hash rate compared other coins (meaning your fighting more people for the coin and thus get less coins). Now one of my fall back coins is LUX but I’ve mined so much that its no longer a priority for me to mine it unless it looks like the price is going to rebound (which when it does im selling my stockpile). Currently my fallback coin is BTCP because the network hashrate is so low compared to what it was before that I am able to stockpile a good bit of it and I think the price can only go up long term.

What I tend to put most of my hash power to because money isn’t an immediate concern for me is hunting for the next coin to explode and mining that. IE mining RVN before it was popular got me and others thousands of dollars profit for a very short amount of time mining it. The problem with this approach is you need to be constantly searching and a lot of the coins end up making no money at all.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for help. How much coins per day do you mine? How profitable is this coin now? Because i see on coinmarketcap, this coin price pumps today…


Hi trog. How do you know if the new coin will have a bright future? Which criteria are yo looking can you give me a idea?