Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Anyone try mining Snowgem (equihash)? Been getting some attention recently on Youtube and the price on exchanges understandably spiked and it coming back down. I will try it later if I get some time.

Anyone have experiences with Snowgem? Good/Bad/etc?


I mined snowgem a while ago and circled back once I saw it get attention from vosk on youtube but for long term I don’t see the coin doing much. Personally I sold almost all of mine after I saw network hashrate and the price.

To put it in prospective its network hash right now its ~2.1 MSols where BTCP is ~5MSols… I personally have cards mining BTCP because long term I think it will be worth having and with this low network speed I am seeing a solid amount of BTCP flow in… Also what else is there to mine that doesn’t scream its a scam?!


Hi guys, im mining verge right now with 1 gtx 1080. What Coin should i mine tot get some good profit on a sistem with 1700x cpu and 4 gtx 1080? Tks


What is the profit per card mining Monero XMR?


Has anyone tried using as a profit calculator? I tried it using my effective ethash rates for ETC and it was completely off. Does anyone have any alternatives for better estimates.



Step 1, take note of what time it is.
Step 2, begin mining.
Step 3, 24 hours later check to see how much you’ve mined.

You now know how much you mine a day with the best accuracy you’re going to get.


Hi team, is it valuable to mine XVG on jckpool? By the way, i always been happy with jckpool but XVG seems to have low stats here.
Your opinion mate?


IMO the time for XVG is long gone, the Difficulty is through the roof. I mined over 300k XVG a long time ago and just let it sit in a wallet, looks like it’s about time for me to checkout soon, honestly thought it was going to be a waste.


No. for xvg ttf is around 2 month on jkcpool, so not recommended.


Thanks for quick answer. Sadly we have to go to main pools then :confused:

@ c3tr4 => Difficulty droped by 72% yesturday. It seems to go upward by 20% per day. So we have 4 days of good profitability IMO


Go for it man, every day I wake up it’s either dropped 10% or gone up 10% it’s all over the place lol.


Any pool to recommand for XVG mining? Looks like Supernova is full and Zpool is taking too much fees :confused:


Any opinion about Protoncoin?Mining expirience with 1080ti?


My understanding is that Suprnova isn’t full, they’re pissed about the XVG scam and shut down all support for the coin.


Correct, they got pissed the devs were not blacklisting accounts that hacked coins went into and not voiding said coins. Then when they provided the “fix” the wallets would not sync so ocminer (guy who runs suprnova) said screw it and pulled verge off suprnova.

Fun fact: devs say ONLY 3.4 million coins were stolen during the 51% attk but other figures point more to anywhere from 17M to 50M worth of coins were stolen over the ~3 hour attack.


LUX mining looks good lately


For those of you who are looking for RVN miners:


lux vs raven…which one would you guys mine


Lux has way more value and working products than Raven. So LUX would be the least gamble.


You can mine something else and trade it for Lux… I think mining Raven in x16r or Verge in x17 is slightly more profitable