Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


downloaded thanks, hash seems same to me


what pool are people mining raven on now?


I’m on Jkcpool. Noticed that I get better results here. Depending on pool’s luck, but better results.


I’m off on holiday so I think ill leave this new enemy miner on RVN on jkc pool see what happens for 5 days


i think there is an issue with the new enemy miner 1.05

one of my PC was stuck on “mining some dev fee” since 5 hours… (I don’t think it mined dev fee for 5 hours, but the miner got stuck when trying to revert to normal mining and the video card was cold)


Friends i want to ask a question

I looked at a coin from calculatir yesterday it say ex. 1000 reward for 24h. Difficulty is 10.

I mined it 12 h difficulty is still same. But i got 500 reward coin.

Why Do you think?


For all! Im said u problem with miner to Enemy. Stop use 1.05. Problem is of pool switch. Im use 1.04 cuda 8 6/1070. Nice hash rate


Following are best coin to mine today:
RVN and XVG (x17)
both are on jkcpool, you can use for XVG


can’t log in port 3737, -p c= XVGX


only xvg c=XVG


-a x17 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YOUR_WALLET -p=XVGX

this from their dev


I thought XVG was hacked?


login to an xvg pool like yiimp can be long, u need to retry several times


is XVG still profitable? how much per 1080ti per day?


im using jkcrypto pool for RVN but balance is not updating after 2 payments. Anyone have the same problem?


What about ULTIMA coin (Skein) ? It ranks high on various whattomine sites lately but I don’t no much about this coin


They just fixed 1.05 with the newest update by removing the dev fee.


Your address, further discussion here


Link for 1.05?


What is OC setting for Skien or C11 or Lyrav2? I am not getting enough hash in 1080ti what JKC admin updated.