Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


You can reply in JKC masternode discord and fill exchel
Right now with MN I am receiving about 2500 coins a day, so I will help you guys to make a shared one


First Exchange listing for ALPS


Edit: I decided I gave out more information than I wanted.

So, I have 1 Celeron CPU with 1 3d FX Voodoo card with 512kb of Ram and that’s how I mine all my coins.

:slight_smile: If Awesome miner works for you, keep using it.



Interesting, first time I’ve really seen someone use inspector for clock/mem speeds. I only bothered to use it setting P0 state and profiles while gaming. I usually write in clock/mem speeds into script or use Afterburner (except on B250 ME boards with 19+ cards).

Cool idea :slight_smile:


Switched from RVN to ALPS this morning. Have had long enough RVN and wasn’t sure what to switch too because of so many scam coin/dead projects. I’ll give ALPS a shot but almost every MN code ends up being a steal lately so I was hesitant.

Still no white paper, hidden team, still skeptical but will leave some miners pointed at it.


My enemy miner keeps crashing every couple of mins sometimes hour. This happening to anyone else? Any tips?


Usually core settings too high, if not mem, if not tdp. It depends on the Algo you’re mining and type of cards, if it’s 16r/16s you have to be pretty reserved.


Most of my X16s/r problems were power related - sudden spikes when algos switched that pushed things over my power supply’s limits. Overclock settings that are too much for one algo could happen too. Put everything on base clocks, and lower TDP to around 80. Do other miners cause the same problems, or just Enemy?


Switched yesterday 20:30 CEST to ALPS as well.
In between was running EDEN till bad news came out, tried MTI some hours which was not worthet, switched then back to RVN for a day and a half … now getting a bit of ALPS and see what it brings :wink:


Been mining BTCP for about 8 hours but results not looking that good. Getting about 635 Sol/s for 6x1080ti’s. (Core +70 / Mem 0)

I just cannot seem to find anything decent these days. I don’t mind mining for future increases but things like ALPS just don’t fill me with confidence


For equihash i use with 1080
core +150 meme +500


Did anyone mine Folm? it’s profit looks promising.


have you tried it recently? how much / 1080t1? / day?


A single gtx 1080, tried Travelpay TRP mining for 6-8 hours using, have not seen any balance yet. I will wait a little longer and see what I get. Then I will switch my main mining rig if its a good conclusion.

what coin are you guys mining? and how do you select which coin to mine?


tried ULTima (skein @ for a short time, it’s not worth it
tried LIZus (skein @ or bsod) for another short time, returns seems good… but I just switched to test the new z-miner (enemy 1.05) on RVN!


Please share link to download ccminer enemy 1.05


in this moment compile miner 1.05


you have it in Raven mining from Dmitry


link for new enemy miner broken any chance for new link please


I re-uploaded the file for u:, but it would be best if Dmitry could repair the genuine one