Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


I’m with Pigeoncoin right now. Not for short term benefits




I was mining pgn and stopped at 1100
then I mined EDEN and got 56 of them but looks like that was a waste as people saying a scam
what is ALPS


I’m mining SPD again as looks like that might have a future


Thanks friend


How much hash rate you get on ALPS per TI?


Look at my wallet and do calculate please


How are you doing with SPD? What pool are you using?

I’m going to try mining SPD with Protopool as BSOD is massive (over 50% causes a problem I am told)


Yea, was near 3,000 EDEN already and saw they deleted discord and website. Tsk, but these are the risks you take, better to waste 3 days of mining rather that real money.


In the same boat, was mining for 3 days. Too many of these f***in scammers out there… Which coin did you switch to now?


I thought about riding the XVG wave up until announcement and then selling off but stopped after hearing there was a hack with some wallet (not XVG itself). Thought about more PIGN but the authors themselves said they didn’t really have plans beyond the new 16s algo… So for now I just switched back on RVN until I figure out what the next move is to get a head start on. At least with RVN it seems the only legit newer project already on an exchange that I believe will go up in the future.

Will be keeping an eye out daily though.


just need to ask if all of us share knowledge

how you manage you rig

when u sell ur coin

how u calc u profit after 1 year

and what is the best website to use to know what to mine


I mined ALPS coin for 8 hours on pool it says on pool that total paid is 51 but cant see them on wallet. Still 0 coin. No transactions took place, but on bsod it said that he sent 4 transactions in 8 hours. Help please


power 100% - about 130W
core +100
mem -502


Try this pool. Also No fees

ccminer -a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET -p c=ALPS


I manage all my 7 rigs with awesome miner. It’s just a matter of few clicks to change algo and pools on all rigs.
I have also setup my own pool with no fees so i don’t have to pay fees to the pools.
Trying to maximize the profit :slight_smile:


I just RDP in, no need for anything else. Or just use something like team viewer.


Linus_TechTips you will do ALPS MN with JKC team ?
I created google spreadsheet to track ALPS count, who wanna make shared MN:


Yes sure, Even now i am mining ALPS and the MN seems very profitable atleast for now. But i bet when we get back to the bull run it will be one of the highest paid MNs.
Let me check my wallet later today and i’ll update you with my contribution.


How many rigs do you have?
Changing miner by logging in TV on each rig is so time consuming. Sometimes i do more than 2 switches in an hour. So yea TV is good maybe for a couple of rigs only.