Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Quick thing: Both coins pointing to the same port in the community pool, should it be different or an extra parameter is needed to mine the proper one?


If both are on the same port or it’s a pool mistake or in some pools you just have to specify the coin in the pssword field c=“coin ticker”
for example c=MTI or c=RVN or c=MINEISBIGGERTHANYOURS!!! :smiley:


Thx, will try that.

Just for curiosity: what settings are you using (and what hashrate)? Cheers


Raven diff up…price down…how many MTI can you get per day? The price has dropped a lot in cryptobridge and buyers ask prices even lower…for now at least. difficult days for miners…at least MTI coin got listed. PGN not yet…if ever does it…


Since the latest price drop today I’m getting around the same. $1.80 per 1080 ti, 45 rvn day.


DEAR ADMIN, can you please suggest a coin daily for miners? I was tracking from

website. But you you don’t update it nowadays.


Crypto market is down and bad days for miners are back.
We don’t have any more profitable coin to mine that is stable, better to check


Anyone try PROTON recently? It is now using x16r algo. I tried it for about 8 hours on SMashpool and based on a price of $.14 per token the returns were poor. Wondered if Smashpool has too few miners or its just a pointless coin to mine.

Any experiences?


MTI seems not really worthed … did run it for some hours but on current exchange rates …
I get with 6x1080TI around 200 coins a day. At a price of 0.00000998 its just 0,002btc a day.
Maybe price rise in the next days, we will see.


Buy orders 0.00000456. Half of sell orders.


What are you mining now? Rvn?


17(5 rig +12 rig) x 1080 Ti
Alpenschilling (lyra2z)

.bat file

ccminer-x64 -a lyra2z -i 21.7 -o stratum+tcp:// -u AGPAWAjaoqWbQnruLQZz9SPhddAvfVCyqt -p c=ALPS

My Wallet


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Price information
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My Nvidia Inspector OC Setting

Download Nvidia Inspector Mirror EU

Everyone can make their own set. These are my OC settings.
Current Clock : 2012 MHz
Memory : -600


Very nice info. Very appreciated


Stay with me :wink: Thanks.


Sure i will! :smirk: Good job Pal


Agreed, much appreciated. Is ccminer 2.2.4 the best miner for lyra2z? Google doesn’t help much with this algorithm if I remember from when I used to mine XVG.


2.2.4 is good for lyra2z,allium and xaven algo


what are people mining today, maybe a coin that people believe will increase in value?