Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


This is nonsense. Suprnova has always worked extremely well for me. Always on time with payouts, accurate stats, easy to use/user friendly. If you’ve never seen a worse pool than suprnova than you don’t know what you’re doing or just shilling. Present details and facts if you’re going to slander any pool/coin/idea etc. Nobody is going to value baseless/shallow posts with no logical reasoning.


The thing is u don’t have to believe me & i’m not trying to convince u.

as far as details & facts, Suprnova charges 1% for itself for using the pool (other charge less or none, or at least donate the fee back to the coin developers), it charges additional amount for cashing out, it always has higher ping than others for me at least (additional 1% loss), lastly it doesn’t pay as much as other pools (try any other, i’m not promoting anyone, but u could be & I have seen many promoting Suprnova here).

Again, U mine wherever the f*** u wanna mine, I’m just sharing opinion & experience here.

P.S. I know some pool owners & none disagree Suprnova is one of the worst optimized pools out there.


"The thing is u don’t have to believe me & i’m not trying to convince u."

I don’t and I’m not convinced so at least we’re in agreement there. Trust me, I mine on plenty of other pools as well.

Anyway, good day.


Hey Guys, I started mining PGN as RVN was getting harder and wanted to stock up some PGN while difficulty was low. I used the Enemy CCMiner, but it was crashing my computer to the point where it hung, didn’t even blue screen or reboot. Switched to nevermore miner now. will report back if I run into the same issues.


U read readme? In .bat file chose -i 19 intensity


Is the most profitable coin to mine today rvn ? (on exchange). Any suggestions ?


Hi Dmitry, I did read that and do have intensity set to 19. I am using all the same options on the nevermore miner and I successfully made it overnight so far which is much longer than I got out of the enemy miner. because of rotating algos it is more difficult to do a quick benchmark of which one produces a better hash rate.


Verge-X17 (XVG) is more or less equivalent to RVN (enemy gives the best x17 hashrate for me, around 21 Mh/s) and verge trend is pretty good

DNR Denarius in tribus (ccminer tpruvot gives 110 MH/s) is good from time to time (but returns varies a lot with current diff)

otherwise, take a bet on the future, for example with EDEN that was advised in other messages


I missed said for you… Driver for card min is 390


Guys 2 interesting coins based on DISCORD (discord minus about 30%) calculations

MTI COIN - actual diff at the pool about 400 - reward 20 - estimated value based on discord 0.000015 - profit per day on 1070ti - 5 usd -

ALPEN - actuall diff about 52 - reward 130 - estimated value 1 RVN = 0.000006 - profit per day on 1070 Ti - 4.8 usd -

Again, these calcuations are based on ESTIMATED prices at the exchanges. But I took the base trade and removed 40% more to be fairly conseravtive.

Correct me if I am wrong.


Are these coins only exchanges on discord?


hi Fabio, you mean for the second one ?

which miner version do you use for lyra2z (that’s one of the only algos i have never tried…)


How can sell a coin in discord? Can you tell me please ? I am newbie in mining.


This is off-topic but if anyone wants to see what an idiot miner is visit this article.

Guy has 100GPUs and can only make 105$ a day.


The pcgamer blurb just pulled the $105 figure off of whattomine. The craigslist ad doesn’t say anything about what he was actually making.


Yep that’s true but he’s still scared and selling because he doesn’t know how to make money IMO. Anything, thought it was interesting for people to see the fear.

Whoever buys it is even more dumb.


Thanks to share.
MTI just got listed now on cryptobridge.


Also added both coins ALPS and MTI to


Am I missing something here? With GEFORCE GTX 1080TI ICHILL X4 I am doing about 40rvn a day on suprnova. Current coin value is about 0.04$ ( which means that I am doing equivalent of 1.64$.

How do you get to 3$ figure? Either my settings are wrong or I am missing something here.



Try switching to other pool.If mine on jkcpool for last 24 hours then you should have earned around 70 RVN/1080 ti. I can’t predict the future so profit may not be same for next 24 hours on