Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


The pigeons look good but there is no exchange


I stopped RVN this morning and switched to PGN.
Lets see where the journey goes. CryptoBridge is reviewing the coin


I dunno but just standing on the sidelines here doing my own thing mining certain coins I have several observations. There’s a lot of Dick measuring and lying going on here (I have 30 1080TIs, I have 24 1080Ti’s etc). Nobody cares about how many cards you claim to have, I also find it interesting that someone would both buy or even want to mention they have so many 1080TIs at a time where mining is at its worst.

I’m not saying I don’t have quite a bit myself but I don’t mention it because it’s kinda stupid imo. Everytime I see someone say 30 1080TI’s all I think is you’re in the hole bigtime lol.

For so many people with so many 1080TI’s but don’t know how to configure a .bat script, selling coins like raven for 3-7 cents (LOL wow now that’s what i call inexperienced mining why would ever sell that coin so low and not look to the future?).

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy being here but there’s some real low quality posts in this community that got significantly worse around the time RVN got popular, makes me hesitant to help people out because I question the type of people I’m sharing info with.

Also, what’s up with all the strange recommendations for settings? +50core? -500mem? lol come on, why would you underclock your memory on memory intensive coins? Also 1080TI’s don’t have a set core/mem settings that works across the board amoung all manufacture/models. For example, My Gigabyte 1080TI Aurorus Extreme rigs +50 is a good reccomendation but is a terrible one for my MSI Aero OC’s that can go twice that speed if you’re mining a coin that requires some core. smh

I’d like to see more “Mine this coin because” posts rather than
“What do I mine”, “I’m selling raven for 4 cents yay” (even tho the coin has great use case and backed by millions with Have some damn patience if you really want to earn money and ask better questions. I get it, some people are new and need to learn how .bat files work etc. but can we have a noob forum for all of that which coincide with the most profitable coins people are mining so everything isn’t just scattered around like a mess?

And in regards to Pign, it was the same deal with RVN before it got listed or more details came out. That’s how you make the real money, by gambling and mining things while they’re still at low diff with good algos (x16s is WAY more stable than x16r) smh come on guys. With how smashed the market is right now, it’s a good time to gamble.

The only time you should be mining and selling right away is if it’s an obvious pump and dump coin/scam like MKT.

A lot to learn on these forums many have - cryptoyoda


Smart move, even if it doesn’t work out it’s a smart gamble that may pay off huge in the future until something more solid comes out.


I’m not sure it is. As far as I can tell, I could mine 10x more PIGN than RVN right now. But there hardly seems to be any chance that PIGN would be worth more than RVN, since they are the same coin with a mining tweak, a dumber name, and no backing.


Expecting pigeons have good news


If you can mine 10x more as you say then you can afford to sell it 10x cheaper for the same return.


c3tr4r I am no expert and only mine with single 1080 , however I mine for long term, I have only ever sold 1 coin and that was MLM. all the rest I have kept to see if something happens


When I started mining RVN long ago I could mine it 10x faster than any coin as well, in fact I started mining RVN when it’s difficulty was still around 2,000 and I don’t think it was on crpyto bridge yet and there was no article about’s backing either. You’re missing the point my friend.

Just for the record, there’s nothing wrong with still mining RVN, but the difficulty is very high from where it used to be. I still mine it at times.


Very smart man, right now crypto is game only for those with patience until the bears go away, the sideways trading stops and the price manipulation lets up a bit.


I agree, you do need patience; but you also need to research the coin to know if it has short term or long term potential and sell accordingly.

I now tend to be more conservative and not sell my coins unless its clear the coin has no future or the profits are too good to pass up. If coin looks like its going to fail and selling will only get me pennies to the dollar I will hold just in case I was wrong. Also if I think a coin has potentially but the price is low I will hold UNTIL its worth it to sell.

Now I am able to do that because my rigs either ROI’d themselves or the parts were purchased off trading profits; either way I don’t owe anything beside my monthly electrical bill.

I agree with c3tr4 in that i’d like more posts about “mine this coin because” as well as more posts of people that find new coins out there that potentially could be the next RVN. I am not looking to make the most money today for mining; i’d like to make the most money I can and that means I need to be doing research of projects and hunting for the next coin to hit the streets so that I can mine before difficulty goes extremely high. Maybe we should start a new thread and call it “Coin of Tomorrow” and have people post in there about solid projects or new coins to mine that don’t have a dollar value yet but could potentially turn into a coin like RVN.


Spot onTrog!


Anyone else mining pigeon having the issue of no shares submitted during the “shavite” algorithm portion when mining? Nvidia GPUs here.


Pigeoncoin(PGN) Exchange


Oh, I agree you want to mine early, and there’s not necessarily going to be a market yet. I was more specifically comparing Pidgeon to Ravencoin, since they are so closely related and both relatively new.


PGN is trading for about half the price of RVN on alltrade right now. not much buy orders though.


blockcruncher PGN hash rate dropping any pools with bigger hash rate?



Never seen worse pool than suprnova, use instead.
Suprnova only useful if u don’t want to bother using wallet and/or wanna sell quickly.


For those who think that owning a ton of high end cards at a time when ROI is like a year or more is a bad idea, don’t get into construction or land development. Compared to paying $150k dollars for a machine that has an ROI of like three years, crypto mining seems like it makes good money. I understand that it was way better when you could reach ROI in three or four months, but to me, crypto mining is still very profitable, you just have to understand economies of scale and have the money and patience to play the big game. I also use shared masternodes and staking to help boost my daily earnings from mining. If anyone is interested, check out my referral link to the pool I have been using. I have written a couple reviews and how-to’s on different Discords and forums about how and what I have made so far.