Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Is there anything better than RVN?


to mine? or not to mine?
RVN - more diff low price
on this black time for all market what to mine?


RVN is still better than, say, nicehash, though it’s down under $3 per 1080 Ti at the current price, assuming a block every 4 hours on jkcpool


Do you need any plugin for Bitcoin Core wallet?


The idiots dumping on every coin is very annoying. They are killing every coin. Seems like mining is pointless anymore very little profit in it.


CryptoBridge is processing our application. @everyone
its message from discord chat of PGN


is pgn trading on discord? if so how much currently?


also do I assume this coin is not worth holding and I should trade as soon as possible>?


It’s probably not a scam like MLM was, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason it would do any better than RVN itself, which already has a lot of backing.


I do wonder if I should just trade all my alt coins for ETH/BTC/LTC, or just hold them all and see if anything happens

I’m only mining with 1x 1080 so don’t get huge amounts
got about 1150RVN,400PGN,5ABS,40ARGO,2BWK,36CURV,8JLT,414BitCoinZ,50LCC,37 SCRIV,2SPD.0.5ULT

anyone think anything worth holding, raven seems to be only one maybe


unrelated but where is the best place to buy btc?


Impressive you have > 1000 RVN with just 1 1080


started mining very early much like pigeon :slight_smile:


Guys where do you stack SPD? I remember there was a website to stack togheter?


2 sites I know so far…

SimplePOSpool and StakeUnited.

I started with SimplePOS and later found out StakeUnited has bigger SPD pool (faster to receive staking reward).

Currently SimplePOS is having site maintenance but the dev team mentioned it should be back in action within next 24 hours

Edit update: SimplePOS is back online now, they have active SPD MN while StakeUnited seems don’t have SPD MN.

Do take note the link above has my referral, and you can check how is the referral system work from the website (in short, earn from part of the dev fees deducted from the reward).


Wow, PGN hashrate is pretty high for being a noob coin that just tweaks the mining algorithm of RVN.


PGN is not actually an official fork of RVN, is it?


MKT Coin came to life again, all the power here,, I put my 34x1080 ti on the prey


61919.2042 diff…


What are you guys mining these days? I have put my 28 1080ti’s at jkc pool on rvn. But since difficulty is increased and pool hashrate is down a bit again, i am searching for something better. Any advices?