Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners


Best Coin to Mine Today






No, grlc go down…



Why not both… half argo, half grlc. Although if GRLC keeps going down and difficulty going up, there’ll be a cutoff point. It has been a great spot though, so thanks to JKCrypto! The last couple of days I’ve reached about 2,5x profits compared to just about anything. At about 1,5x now so stocking up on a little Argo.

It ain’t easy getting Argo though. Is it normal to have this much miners mining on a coin that hasn’t hit a market yet?


what’s Argo’s daily profit? (as it is better)


No, GRLC is still little better than LUX (about 7.5+ against 6+ USD per 1080ti a day)

but of course GRLC has a bad trend and LUX looks not to be a very shit coin anymore)


and yeah thanks JKCrypto as he does really good things!)


As per rumor argo will be listed on exchange very soon. Hold your argo tight, we might see nice profits


Glad to see a forum on a so nice site !


I’m mining GRLC even if profits are way down, and the price falls a lot !

Argo is total blind mining, given there is no exchanges yet, isn’t it ?
Do you recommand to give a try and leave for the moment GRLC ?


GRLC right now on tradesatoshi and that exchanges having too much problems right now, delay deposits and not functional at all. My poor celeron not good for GRLC.

Currenlty mining ARGO and today will mine RACE, will update you all once mining starts, consider joining group


Any link for RACE coin on bitcointalk forum ? or pool ?


I think this link?



Ok i got it but

Wallets not yet released - LAUNCH IS DELAYED! We have run last tests and identified a critical problem in the chain. We have decided to delay the launch. We will give everyone here a notify of at least 3 hours before the new launch. We are deeply sorry for this - this can happen to every project. Better one more day of testing than getting you all angry with a failed launch. We are now back to intensive testing / coding and will keep you updated.



any price prediction for ARGO ?


Argo price prediction, based on amount of coins total and in existance, and using masternode as reference: 2.5 dollar.


LUX difficulty keeps increasing. I’m mining 2 coins per day with 10 x 1080 ti. That seems kinda low, could it be the pool? I’m currently mining on BSOD. Anyone else mining there?


Lux seems low today


Thanks for the forum. GRLC was great, I’ve been mining PBS and TIN but will move to CRS when they relaunch with lyra2z.


I saw some people selling argo for 0.0004BTC or was that 0.004. Something like $4?

RACE sounds fun. I like racing games.