Coin of June


Actually its pretty quiet compared to other asics as it only has 1 fan.

I had my fan set to 100% at first and it had a whine to it but after i set fan back to auto and watching the temps stay at about 70 it become impossible to hear within my farm.

Its been running for about 18 hours, temps stable at 68-71 degrees with hashrate between 16.5k-17.5k. I am mining zencash and from the looks of it i’ll mine between 1.5-2 zencash a day if everything stays constant off ~350 watts.


Wow nice. It will take at least a month or 2 before the ZenCash team implements the hardfork. In the meantime all first batch Z9’s will be really profitable.


I mining GIN by Smos with 4*1080ti and getting 16mhs on the pool. According to all calculators I should getting around 1gincoin in 24hours, but my actual reward is only 0,5gincoin in 24hours. Any advice???


@ Pavle
which pool u mine




I have seen these coins are not listed to theBitselly Exchange, can you let me know from where i can check the growth of these coins lively.