Coin of June


I mined GIN, MANO this month.
GIN had a good value and MANO either.
MANO price rised so fast even there is no such a product yet.
GIN has added to its platform so many coins like DASH.
What do you mine this month? And which coin is profitable now?


Nice, what HW you have that you mined enough to get MCT MN? I am thinking about to start mine it


what is daily profit for 1 x 1080ti?

we have 31 *1080ti and still mining raven, do you have any advice?


I have never mined Lyra2z what overclock settings should I try on gtx 1080


Lyra2z algo is energy frienly. You use half Watt while mining Raven or any Equihash or Neoscript. That means less electiric bill and less temprature. I use +100 Mhz for GPU and +500 Mhz for mem.


1 Mh is about 0,12 MCT per hour

if you have RX580 install Linux and you will get 3 Mh


so 2,88 MCT per day,

and it pays $ 0,5 per day? that seems wrong for 1080ti


what pool are you mining MCT
I tried but poor result


BTM has to be the most profitable right now with the release of Bminer 9.0.0. Anyone would bought a B3 has to be clenching their cheeks.


What is BTM ?


How much BTM per day/1080 ti are you getting on average? Miner does have 2% dev fee.
Which pool are you using with the miner as I read it doesn’t work with all, ?


Bytom coin - btm ticker
Bitmag coin - btm ticker
Bitmillion coin - btm ticker
Bitmark coin - btm ticker
Wtf is it which one?


now bytom is shiet, rvn have more profitability


Anyone know what happened LUX coin and LIZ coin mining?
LUX coin was the top on bsod pool but now it disappered…


LUX dropped off after fork. The only thing I found was off a reddit post that read:

"Mining has stopped atm, due to some fork related issues. It will be announced when all is ready to go!

We thank you for your support and continuous interest in LUX. We also apologize for any inconvenience created by this situation, we will be back on track shortly!"


Is everyone here on Windows or is there anyone using simple mining? I just recently moved to simple mining and it is so much more stable than Windows 10. The only problem is I’m not to sure how I would go about mining these lesser known coins on Linux. Anyone have any tips? Thanks


Anyone else get a Antminer Z9 mini… the thing is crazy! i’m getting ~16ksol/s at a stable 60 degree celsius… calculations show me ROI in under 3 months!


I mine with hiveos… never felt like paying for smos. I know Vosk (youtube) uses smos and has a bunch of guides up on his channel for smos.


Rabbit is pumping give it a try!


Ok thanks. Also slightly jealous of your Z9 lol. How loud is it compared to a mining rig?