Suggested settings for SP-MOD2 ? I’ve messed with it a bit but the miner seems to go nuts after a few minutes etc. Tried lowering settings, wondering what else the issue could be. Mod1 works fine.


Also got the miner from Fabio for free…Thank you Fabio for sharing!


Same here, got the miner fast and free :slight_smile:


Thanks guys!! For WTC I asked for a small fee for the miner and for my full help. And BELIEVE ME, I had to help some people to mine WTC for HOURS and HOURS. Debugging and optimizing. Also with teamviewer. With a guy fom China I spent not less than 15 HOURS divided in 3 days helping him with teamviewer to set up all of his rigs.
I asked for a small fee. I think it’s fair and obviously not hidden. I see nothing wrong in it.

But most of the times ( I would say 99% of the times) contribute actively on this forum. :slight_smile:


ah, and BTW that guy from China made 20x time my fees thanks to WTC :slight_smile: