Guys do you have the link to download the CCminer TRIBUS SP-MOD2? thanks!!


no one?


Sorry i do not, but I try to ask on FB group




I don’t know either…I find it far from easy to locate the best miner. Views often differ on which miner is best. I also prefer downloading from Github


Found it. If anyone wants it just send me a message on telegram @RuplikMiner


Is it faster than SPMod 1?




i want test sp-mod2
plz give me your link


hi, could you give me a link as well?


contact me on telegram @RuplikMiner and I will give you the sp mod2


What’s preventing you from posting it here?
I don’t have telegram so how do I get it?


He will probably want to sell it to you :slight_smile:


no doubt haha


Just ask to the maybe 50 people that ALREADY contacted me on telegram if I sold it or not before writing bullshit. Ah sorry you are 16yo kiddos. No problem then. Go on.


ah, and TRY to use your brain to understand why I am not posting it here but giving it on telegram. TRY at least to understand. If you really can’t then during the next days I will explain it to you. now you have some homework.


Yea he gave it to me without hesitation and without asking money, thx again fabio :slight_smile:

120mh one 1080ti, but i still dont find any tribus coin that gives me more profitability than ravencoin.


I received the CCminer TRIBUS SP-MOD2 for free, as soon as I requested it.


Hi yes i did get it to for free


I also got the spmod 2 free from fabia. Thanks for it.