Baikal X10 miner


Guys I am planning to buy the Baikal Biant X10 miner. I think it’s one of the best at the moment inr elation of the fact that supports 5 algorithms (and soon 7) and the price is not too high. I have contacted BAIKAL directly and they are willing to sell it for $2699 but with a MOQ of 2 units. I think it’s a fairly good deal. I would never buy a miner like the Baikal N or the Antimner X3 that ONLY supports Cryptonight for example. Once Cryptinight coins will fork the miner will be useless. The X10 supports 5 algos and soon 7. So it leaves a lot of space to future profits. If someone is interested in buying them with me just contact me. I want to get one but that super low price is available only if you buy 2. If so every one of us will get in touch with Baikal directly (I already did it) and we will have it shipped one to each of us. they have it in stock.
I psoted this message also on the Discord channel.


can they ship each to different addresses?


What is the profitability of this miner ? :thinking:


On nicehash it says: 468.59 USD/month with NiceHash…


my guess is… its the sound thats the problem
:scream: :gun:


Looks like with current rates this miner could do something like $16/day mining DGBwith qubit

Also around $15 $16 a day mining ARGO or LIzus (Skein)

This would translate into 6-7 month ROI

Is that what you have in mind Fabio ?
Also any idea what the 2 additional algo will be ?


That’s a better ROI than any new graphics card right now. If only I hadn’t just spent all my money on graphics cards :slight_smile:


yes of course! Just we will have to pay separate shipping costs. Of course I DO NOT want to have miners of other people coming to me and then shipping to others.
Everyone will pay its own by bank wire to them and everyone will get its own shipped.

If we organize a group I think I can cut a better price. I am in contact with them.


Guys I always exhamine and study things DEEEPLY.

to me this seems to be the BEST possible investment/miner at the moment. Reasons?

  1. It’s the only Asic miner supporting 5 algos and 2 more coming (one of them will be Nist5)
  2. It uses VERY little power. So even if your electricty costs are high with this miner there is no big problem
  3. I would NEVER buy a miner that PROMISE to profit tons (like the Antminer X3 cryptonight algoor the Halogen for the cryptonight) taking the risk that the cryptonight coins will fork and you will use it as doorstopper.

The BASIC income can be checked on NiceHash profitability calulatory. And it’s already HIGH. It changes every minute. the REAL profit can be MUCH higher if you mine specific profitable coins. If you leave it in a multipool one you will get basic profit.

People interested please send me a PM and we’ll make a whatsapp group.

I would like to move fast. The more we wait the more we lose.


Also, this miner is way more powerful than GPUs compared to power usage.

I already sent a message to the admin of this board by whatsapp.

For the interested people we’ll organize a group by whatsapp.


I will buy one, if anyone interested pm @fabio with your mobile number to get added to Baikal Buy whatsapp group


Ok guys. We made a whatsapp group.

Just to make it clear for everyone.

  1. We will buy directly from the BAIKAL COMPANY. No resellers. Just to be safe.
  2. I will NOT take your money. Everyone will send his own money to Baikal directly.
  3. Everyone will have his X10 shipped to his address by DHL courier

The Baikal website is this: and you can find their email there.

I am already in contact with them.

Let’s move it fast I don’t want to wait more than 2/3 days. Time is money!! hahaha

pm with your mobile to join the Whatsapp group.



Any US residents know how much that DHL courier shipping would be?


For now the deal with Baikal was:

  1. THREE Baikal X10 for 2650usd including FREE DHL shipping. But I guess they meant ONE shipping and not separate shipping.

But of course the shippings are being all separate. To different places.

Now the group is growing so I will try to:

  1. Cut the price to 2k usd (hard but not impossible)
  2. get free DHL shipping for everyone (really doable I think).

I keep everyone updated in teh whatsapp group sending screenshots of my conversations with Baikal




One more…I’m in. (messaged on discord)


If you get a price at 2k or below please tell, I might join you


FWIW, Here’s a link to WTM with the hashrates plugged in for this device: WTM for Baikal Giant X10

It says $13.38/day for Nicehash-Qubit and $13.00/day for DGB-Qubit (less power for both of those) on 24h profitability.


Guys I gave up with the group buy. Basically Baikal is not giving any discount even for bigger quanties! :confused:


Thank you for trying. I was excited to get the price below 2k too.