Awesome Miner


I’ve spoken to a couple of people who have had trouble setting up awesome miner with algos that aren’t included (x16) in awesome miner, so I thought I’d post something up to help out.

First you will need to create a “Managed Miner”.
Set Algorithm to “Unspecified/Multi-algorithm”
Set Software to “Generic Miner”
Then on Path select Browse and find your favorite x16 miner .exe file.

Once that is done all that is left is to add a pool.
To do this you click on the drop-down box that says “New” and select “New Pool”
Another Menu will appear and then fill it out as follows.
Description: X16 RVN JKpool (put anything you want here)
Server URL: stratum+tcp://
Worker name:
Worker Password:

OPTIONAL* settings
Coin: unspecified X16r
*Wallet address: R9wUEhczz7n6w6KYn3svgt3FZTWTm37zZ6

Right click your managed miner and select Properties click command line from the menu on the left and input:
-a x16r -o stratum+tcp:// -u R9wUEhczz7n6w6KYn3svgt3FZTWTm37zZ6

Start the miner and you are done. Enjoy the autonomous reliability of Awesome Miner with any of your favorite pools.


I’ll add in a little for those who wants more information.

  1. For those who wants to use the pre-installed mining software that comes with awesome miner. You can add the algo following the steps from this link.

  2. Under Pool Settings, you can input your wallet address into the field “Worker name:” so that you don’t have to add it into the properties>command line section. If you only have 1 mining rig it won’t make a difference, but if you have 5 or more, it will take a lot of effort to switch around as you have to repeat everything for every rig.

  3. You can add the coin under options>coins and profit to see an estimate of how much you’ll get a day as well. You can either input the data manually or look for a json path from whattomine (if it’s available). I personally use the 24 hour actual on pools to estimate but this is all up to individual.


Thanks heapa hot2z, making everything even easier.


Thank you!!


Any particular benefit from Awesome miner versus Teamviewer?


At the risk of asking a noob question…what happens if you run two miners at once (i.e. set 2 x BAT files running)? I have done this accidentally (we all have I’m sure). Does it just make each BAT file 50% as efficient and do both mining jobs with half the power?

If you intend to split your effort (say 50% RVN and 50% LUX) I think you can do this with AwesomeMiner by allocating specific GPUs to different jobs. Does running 2 x BAT files just force each GPUs to try to do both at the same time (and I would expect not very well)?


I’m not very sure myself but this is what I’ve seen people say about this before.

Some people do run 2 bat files at the same time, some say that they get roughly more than 50% on each mining instance and some say they get less. The main reason they run 2 is so that if 1 of the mining instances crashes, the other will bounce back to 100% hash rates. But with awesome miner, it automatically restarts so there might not be a need for that.

Again, this is just what I heard and have not experimented it myself. (Keeping my rigs stable is my utmost priority, I usually try not to change too much stuff unless a rig is having issues. lol)


I have both teamviewer and awesome miner on all my mining rigs. Teamviewer allows me to control remotely, while awesome miner allows me to control multiple rigs at the same time.

Awesome miner can run remotely too but i’m running a mac at home. So I just use one of my rigs as the main and the rest on remote agent. One thing to note, you can set OC settings on awesome miner on all your remote rigs as well (not sure if this is a paid feature). This saves alot of time for people whom are running multiple rigs to switch around pools/coins efficiently.

Awesome Miner (once you’ve learnt how to use it) is more systematic too I feel. In the sense that you can save your pools, coins, etc. And also they have profit switching but I’ve turned it off lately due to the depressing market. haha


Love Awesome miner but my profits are so low that I cannot really afford to use the paid version


nice feedback! I just tried awesome miner and it does have some unique features although i was struggling to set it up on one of my miner. Do you think the OC settings stick if I undervolt though? I am looking to undervolt my cards tomorrow.


It should work if you have set up both the MSI Afterburner and MSI afterburner remote server.
I personally still control my rigs individually (via teamviewer) as I prefer to see the interface with all the temperature settings, etc.

Anyways, here’s a link if you’re having trouble setting it up.