Asus b250 mining expert MB


Guys i bought an Asus b250 mining expert MB, to use for now with 6 msi 1070 gfx x gpu, and i have 2 platinum 1000w psu.
Can some expert explain me how do i connect the GPUs? Should i connect them to only single psu? Should i divide them, 3 at psu1 and the other 3 to psu2?
If the second option is better do i have to connect also the psu2 24pin To the MB and also connect the 3 gpu to the respectively psu2 zone (b), or only the psu2 atx living this way all 6 GPUs at psu1 zone (a)?
Hope it’s not confusing



You have your answers in the manual, chapter 1-9:

That being said, I connected my 12 gpu’s divided on my 3 psus, 4 on each. Yes you should connect 24pin from psu2 to mb. And I found out that their recommended slot installations wasn’t a requirement, so I installed my gpus on all slots except the middle row (A02 / A05 / B08 / B11 / C14 / C17) and it’s working fine.

If I were u I would try A01, A03, A04, B07, B09 and B10 to even the power. Good luck.


i just tried only with 1 card and i cant get any display, card fan after some seconds stops, i connected the display to the mobo output and also tried directly to the card and it dosent work, it does not show anything, bios nothing, is there any tips to put this working??


Sounds like some problem with cpu or memory. Check that nothing is loose, and that your cpu and mobo is compatible. Maybe try to clear the mobo cmos (also in manual)


I have had this same motherboard, I ended up selling it because it’s such a pain in the ass. Try a different display and cable.


i have this mainboard very hard to find good display for first boot finally i connect MB hdmi to my 42inch 4K panasonic tv for firstboot and change resolution on windows before connect my pc screen ,but MB work very well with good quality riser no problem with 6 different gtx 1080ti and 2 different psu