ARGO Shared Masternode


If you want join next shared ARGO masternode then mail me at


Email sent


E-mail just sent. thx for reply



jk, Im following you since December about mining with 1080ti. Thanks for all the tips. Can you please give mi a link where masternode is explained better or you can tell me how it works in a few sentences. I currently have 5x 1080ti, and 6 more coming in next week. I am minig argo for 2 weeks now in a row, currently i have 200 argos but i can transfer bitcoins for argo anytime if needed more, beacuse I was selling every day for bitcoin.


@Denis, beta will be released within 2 days which explain everything about masternodes.

In simple words I can say you will get extra coins but holding coins in masternode


Hi Admin,

I sent also a mail


Admin, is there another argo masternod?


Join this server to know more about Masternode