Alpenschilling Mining - How to mine ALPS


I recently started mining the ALPS coin based on the Lyra2z algorithm. Alpenschilling coin is aiming to be a one stop payment token that be used for vacationing in the Alps Region. Be it anything from parking to skiing, swimming, hiking, whatever - ALPS coin will be a perfect decentralized payment solution.

Symbol: ALPS
POW-Algorithm: Lyra2z
Profitability - $5+/1080 ti (as per discord trade)
Exchange -

How to get ALPS coin?
1. ALPS coin Mining
There are a number of pools where you can mine the APLS coin. The total supply needs to mined like many other coins.

Total Supply: 300,000,000

I am currently mining on People are already selling their ALPS coin on discord at 1200 satoshi. But as of today there are very less buyers, almost none. The reason I am mining is because I wanted to take part in a ALPS shared masternode project at

The Block reward as of now has reduced from 130 ALPS. Currently the block reward is

Block reward: 91 Alps

The profitability if in case you get to sell the mined ALPS coin will be around 7-8 dollars per card per day which is very very good especially at the time when the crypto market as a whole is down. But the fact is there are few to none buyers and hence selling is not really an option. Also the only way to find buyers or to exchange it with other altcoins is only via their Discord channel.

2. Buying Premined ALPS coins

Premine: 4%

4% o the ALPS coins have already been mined by the developers which they are offering to the people on sales via theirwebsite. This is for the people out there who want to invest in a coin without heavy mining equipment or who want to fill up there missing ALPS for eg. For a new masternode. Every purchase will be processed manually

Lastly about the Masternodes
The masternodes seem expensive. The amount you need to start one is

MasterNode: ALPS 60,000

Masternode Payments will start soon with 60% for miners and 40% for Masternodes in the first week.


  • According to the developers, soon there will be an airdop,bounties and campaigns. Signature bounty and smart masternodes will be also there.

  • I personally think its an interesting project with a very generous bounty program and excellent support that always answers on time.

  • Currently we at JKCrypto are aiming to run a masternodes as early as possible for the ALPS coin. So if anybody is interested in joining the shared masternodes project then do join our Discord Channel for more details. The sooner we start, the better it will be.

  • Also if you have any questions regarding this ALPS coin Mining Post then do post your queries. I would love to know your take on this coin so that I can have a community opinion about this project.


Im interested in mining ALPS coin and shared masternode, but Im currently mining on and not getting paid, I will switch to jkc pool


Mining Alpenschilling with Lyra2z Algo

Zero Mining Fee
Servers hosted in Cloud
High Availability & Auto Failover with 1 Gbps Network Connection
Automatic payouts every hour
No registration required for pool

ccminer -a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u WALLET -p c=ALPS


this also not working cant even start mining when I edit text above


iPOOL is working fine for me.
Check my earnings here:


ALPS Exchange


If anyone interested in ALPS shared manternode then join
Currently community have 30000/60000


I was on ALPS for a while, but have given up for now. It got onto an exchange quickly, and the price is ~250 sats. Considering I’m mining it at about the same rate as RVN, I might as well just keep jamming on that one.


Strange, no problem with payments here.


Hi, i’ve mined some ALPS on ipool, but no payments in my wallet, is there a chat on ipool? How can i get my alps back ?


Just checked ipool and blocks getting orphan there, might be problem with coin configuration. You will not receive any ALPS for orphan block. Wait for pool operator update or use any other pool.
BTW ALPS also available on our pool,


Can anyone help me with trying to sync my Alps wallet. I just cant figure it out.


Use latest wallet and add nodes to config file


Thanks, I have tried the latest wallet which works no problems on another computer, however i have coins on an older wallet that i am waiting for it to sync so i have access to them.
I have add nodes in the config file, however cant seem to get it to sync.
I have added as follows,

with and without the brackets in the last four rows, but no luck.

Does anyone have the nodes from an older wallet that worked that i could copy?


Follow these steps

  1. win+R , %APPDATA% >> Hit enter
  2. Open folder “AlpsCore”
  3. Copy wallet.dat file to safe place [ all your coins in wallet.dat]
  4. Add following nodes to alps.conf
  5. Download latest wallet from official website and run the wallet.

This should work, if not then in “AlpsCore” folder delete blocks,chainstate,database folder and restart the wallet


Awesome, thanks Admin, first option worked.
Will point some GPU’s at your pool again.


I’m in for mining ALPS. However, i’m getting rejected shares when i start the miner…

  • which miner should I use and can you provide the link?
  • can you please share the settings of the .bat file?

Thank you…!


I am using ccminer 2.2.4

Bat may look like:
ccminer-x64 -a lyra2z -o stratum+tcp:// -u WalletAddress -p c=ALPS -i 22

You may play with the intensity.


Thank you, tried that command line but i’m getting rejected shares with reject reason: Invalid share… any suggestions?


screenshot attached