All Best Miners at one Place?


I will create blog post very soon for this where I will post link for all best miners for each algo.

To help me you can post your experiences with different miners for various algos. Check Here


Good Idea, but we need to make a difference beetween “legit” miner which have github like source and"darkbox" miner which could be harmful. May be have 2 separate folders on mega drive


I have been using that table for some time but it is a bit outdated, yourself have shown me better miners tan the ones listed for certain algos. there is a new miners and algos out, no xevan in that list ie.

Its good for a base but we should compile a better list with updated and new software.


All right, I thought I would contribute since that chart is out of date. With Alexis HSR miner and Skein algo, I am getting about 950 MH/s per 1080 Ti.



I’m getting the same hash rate. I was getting about 1000 MH/S per 1080 ti when I set ,y power at 100 % but I lowered my max power to 86% to put less load on my power supplies and GPUs. Now I’m doing 950 MH/S.




could someone tell me the best miner for SPD/C11 currently

I’m using ccminer alexis-1.0 ?


Ccminer-phi1.0 for SPD c11 algo which gives 20 mh/s extra for 1080tis


What is the fastest miner for cryptonight algo for nvidia gpu?


The closed source z-enemy gives me outrageous hashing rates, especially on bitcore and x16r.