Absolute Mining - $6+/day/1080 ti


Well now about my experience with Graviex.net. The only exchange who has listed the coin till now.

Got enough coin when trading ABS for BTC at Graviex.net. 70 dollar cents each on average but when trying to withdraw the minimum amount of 0.001 BTC , they took 40 percent of it in total. They multiplied the fee by 20 times, the horror! When i withdraw the BTC they said they would ‘only’ take 0.2% fee of it.

I strongly advice not to trade with them. ( Graviex.net ) after this experience. I know it’s the only exchange who has the coin listed right now but nevertheless.


Also available on stocks.exchange , listed 2 days back


Didn’t know that. Thanx! Too late for now but maybe for some other time :slight_smile:


Do you think it’s still profitable ABS?


With masternode ROI of 12 days everyone will keep dumping ABS.

There are two things to do

  1. either mine and sell immediately( not calculated profits)
  2. or mine and run masternode and double your coins after 12 days ( it will be profitable if price is not down more than 50%)
Don't hold ABS in your wallet this is worst thing you can do [my opinion]


For whatever reason I was not able to runn ccminer with the link downloaded above, I couldn’t find the hsr Alexis x86 Cuda 8 so I ended up using ccminer 2.2-mod-r2-CUDA9 by Nanashi-Meiyo-Meijin which is working fine.

Any thoughts on this particular version? And whether or not there are any ccminer that is highly optimize for ABS token



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mikevanhouten wrote:
Well now about my experience with Graviex.net. The only exchange who has listed the coin till now
Also available on stocks.exchange , listed 2 days back[/quote]

How does it work to Transfer ABS from Absolute Wallet to stocks.exchange?


make a profile, login, click on the 3-dash icon on the left side, this will show ‘wallet’ and ‘portfolio’. select ‘manage’ wallets, look for and ‘ABS’ entry, click on its ‘Deposit’ link, it will generate a wallet id for you.


7zip could not figure out the compression algorithm so yeah I downloaded some other ccminer as well and ran as instructed above. ran some mining for 6 hours with 4 x gtx 1080ti’s. only made 0.00459481 ABS. possibly not a good idea to have the miner point directly to stock.exchange wallet?


someone said price of ABS keeps dropping, but this site: https://bitgup.com/ABS/ shows it continuing to inch upwards. stocks.exchange readouts appear to agree… hopefully can figure out what I did wrong with my miner.


its a general rule not to mine anything directly to an exchange, always use a supported hard wallet then transfer to exchange.


OK guys, we’re mining this coin with you all. There should be 32 1080ti mining right now. Hope that helps our pool hashrate out.


Hmm maybe… I use ABS Core wallet - I have 7 x GTX 1080ti averaging 1.32 per GPU every 6 hours using JKpool


so with this absolute core wallet program, where is the ‘wallet address’ that i would need to plug into a commandline ccminer call?


found a program that could read the zip file: peazip-6.5.1WIN64.

that ccminer-hsr-alexis miner seems to work the gpus alot harder than whatever default ccminer i had installed. seems to double the MH/s’s. so in this abs core wallet program, if i go to file-> receiving addresses… I find an address listed there, assuming that is the address I must put in the commandline ccminer call?


@ ludikrusmaximus, you are correct in assuming that your ABS wallet address is File > Receiving Address. My ccminer batch script looks like this: ccminer-alexis -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp://yiimp.gos.cx:4502 -u AcbzQ3uVfBSbCiwi7Vvi3Kx82CYhGWyxi8. Using that line above, replace your pool, wallet address, and the pool port. Also, take notice that ccminer-alexis above is the name of the executable. If your miner looks like: ccminer-x64.exe, you’d replace the above line with: ccminer-x64.



Is this still the most profitable coin right now or is it not worth it? Can someone share what they are getting per 1080ti?




Cards get up to 76-77C with AGRO mining. Put last night mining and and it seems it has only mined 1h and then crashed: https://jkcpool.com/?address=AcM2p58WNvo6omdSAUo6nH9ApXE5s7zfHv and 2 x 1080ti made during that let’s say ~1h about 0.031ABS x 0.000147BTC = ~$0.05 that makes $0.6/day/one 1080ti that is 5x worse than doing MultiPoolMiner and MiningPoolHum and autoswitching between different Equihash coins that was making me yesterday $3,30/day/card. Maybe need to do longer? Or ABS isn’t profitable any more?


I have a total of 2.09614320 ABS so far. Think I will terminate this experiment.


@Kaspar don’t mine ABS now as price is not stable and difficulty increased a lot.

If your cards are getting too hot and rig is crashing as result.

Mine lyra2z coins like CRS,Phobos,etc . Lyra2z algo is very energy efficient and your card will stay much cooler comparatively.

Check why your cards are so hot?

All my mining cards stay below 70C all the time.

Lower the tdp, if possible have exhaust fan