Absolute Mining - $6+/day/1080 ti


Your problem solved now you not? Message me if not solved will check the server log if problem is at pool end


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serkan wrote:
Thank you very much for your interest. I did what you said, but it’s still closing. ccminer-alexis -a Lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp://jkcpool.com:4533 -u AXN2vGt3huZS2hYnhUgvh7wSZzXdJy6DxK
Your problem solved now you not? Message me if not solved will check the server log if problem is at pool end[/quote]

Unfortunately my problem has not been solved. BWK , ARGO , ABS I can not mine anything.

ZCASH and ETH NO problem for.


Hi, is mining ABS still profitable? How many $ per day i can achieve with single 1080Ti? i got 1.28 ABS for last 6 hours, but the price is very low. I switched from my routine vertcoin mining and im wondering whats most profitable


@serkan Make sure CUDA, latest nvidia driver are installed, C++ redistribute etc


@Marcin Price is around $1. Yesterday ABS was giving $20/day/1080 ti, Now difficulty is more than doubled so $6+/day/1080 ti.

I am configuring new coin on jkcpool which is launched today, I will mine that, will update you all once ready


Let me know. I am ready to join the new coin.

What do you think of the auto switching pools that dutch pool? Do they gives good profit?


CUDA is already included in the latest Nvidia drivers right?


Just now added skein - Ferrum coin https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2971900.0

Nicehash ruined the party difficulty is too much.

Never used dutch pool so don’t know.

I have installed CUDA9 separately



Hi JK!

Started mining ABS on your pool yesterday evening. ccminer works fine, no error messages. But I still can’ find my wallet in your pool. 8 hours without a single share/block to activate my wallet AbGahFnswqnZd9CtTyEqAdCcaEUHQLy52P is this possible?

Thanks in advance and thanks for your homepage to support us :slight_smile:


@Rainman667 just now checked server log and it says address “AbGahFnswqnZd9CtTyEqAdCcaEUHQLy52P” never connected to the pool.

Don’t know what is the problem. Always make sure that your hashrate is reporting to the pool correctly after starting mining



Hey buddy do you suggest to mine Ferrum now?


@Fabio I am not mining it, use bsod pool if you want to mine



Ok buddy. Is there still a coin that makes 5/6$ per day ?


I installed Absolute Core Wallet but where can I get my adress???

Sorry for my question, but I am a newbie and have less experience in mining.



Open absolute-qt >>receive>>request payment>>copy address


I got no clue how the hell you can get $5+ per day with 1080Ti. For last 36 hours i got 5.9ABS. 1 ABS is $0,68 right now, which gives me freakin 4$ for 36 hours.


Sorry to hijack, but where do you get the value of ABS? Google has yielded no results.




That’s not good, i’ve been mining since a day or so and got 10 abs/24 hours at coin-miners.info. Mining with the latest excavator. Selling price was even 70 dollar cents each for a couple of hours.


Check on exchanges, link to which is given above.

This is my 7x1080 ti rig - https://jkcpool.com/?address=AXN2vGt3huZS2hYnhUgvh7wSZzXdJy6DxK

Mined 213 ABS coins in last 3 days which is around 10 ABS/ Day/1080 ti.

When I shared the coin difficulty was around 1k but now 3k and price also keeps dropping and both of these two factors I can’t control.

Rest profitability depends on price you sell. e.g. yesterday ABS was traded for 30 cents and for $1 also.

I am still mining ABS and if anyone interested in shared masternode can join here



Thanks for your help :slight_smile: