Absolute Mining - $6+/day/1080 ti


Coin Ticker : ABS

ABS Mining Algo : Lyra2REv2

Absolute Crypto Exchange : https://graviex.net/

ABS Mining Pool : jkcpool.com

ABS Mining Performance : 70 Mh/s for 1080 ti

Absolute Mining Profitability : $6+/day/1080 ti , 17-Feb-2018

ABS Price Now : $1.25 , 0.000115 btc

ABS Official Website : http://absolute-coin.com/


  1. Download ABS Miner

  2. Download ABS Wallet

2.We will use JKCpool.com

ccminer -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp://jkcpool.com:4533 -u wallet_Address
  1. Run batch file, Happy Mining.


Wallet Syncing Nodes

  1. Hit Windows key + R
  2. %APPDATA% and hit OK
  3. AbsoluteCore>>absolute.conf
  4. add following nodes and save the absolute.conf.
  5. Restart the wallet

Overclock Settings

Tdp : 100

Core : = +50

Memory : -300


would you have nodes for wallet? my cant sync


Got these nodes from master wallet.Update me if working for you



please help me,

me bat file: ccminer-alexis -a Lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp://jkcpool.com:4533 -u AUAP5aKBT4bvKjpvKf73F3PMyFsGZybUtx -p c=ABS

but the problem:

[2018-02-17 13:23:52] Starting on stratum+tcp://jkcpool.com:4533
[2018-02-17 13:23:53] Stratum authentication failed
[2018-02-17 13:23:53] …retry after 30 seconds
[2018-02-17 13:23:53] NVAPI GPU monitoring enabled.
[2018-02-17 13:23:54] 5 miner threads started, using ‘lyra2v2’ algorithm.

where can be mistake?


@Aleksey09 Make sure your wallet address is correct and restart the batch file.

Just now checked server log and got this

04:14:00: lyra2v2: ABS user address AUAP5aKBT4bvKjpvKf73F3PMyFsGZybUtx is not valid.

So your mining address is not accurate


thank you very much, it’s OK


This coins seems to ffer good profit but how do you deal with the almsot no volume on the exchange? I mean, how do you exchange it if there is almsot no volume?


Are you sure about this coin? Value dropped -65 %


Yes just checked now coin value is droped earlier it was trading between $1-$2 but now $0.50.

I was able to mine 36 ABS in last 3 hours with 7x1080 ti which is around $18.


If difficulty and price remain same then 18x8= $144 in a day for 7x1080 ti. ($20/day/1080 ti)

We can’t expect that much as difficulty increasing and price decreasing. We can expect at least $5/1080 ti.



I cant use the ccminer-alexis that extract the zip ccminer-hsr-alexis-x86-cuda8 from your posted link ABS Miner.So I just download another ccminer-alexis78-ms2013-cuda7.5 for mining.It runs perfectly for now.But I want to ask whats the difference between two cuda file?


Ive just started mining ABS, how profitable is it now? i have 2 1080 ti and 1 970 currently getting 172 MH/s


I’ve done all of what’s said, but it’s not working.

it closes after this screen arrives…

my wallet adress


Help please



remove “-p c=ABS” and it should be fine




Thank you very much for your interest. I did what you said, but it’s still closing.

ccminer-alexis -a Lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp://jkcpool.com:4533 -u AXN2vGt3huZS2hYnhUgvh7wSZzXdJy6DxK


Almost an hous with 104 Mh/s and no coins (i mean no immature coins) … Is this how is working or something is wayyyy off with your pool???


Small pools need a bit of luck, but rewards are bigger


looked at pool, you should have a couple of hits now, if not, somthing is wrong


abs price start to be not to much good now 0.00008

what will be the new coin ?


You should have got coins by now, pool finds 4 blocks in last one hour


I think you don’t have CUDA 9 installed thats why not working for you



Will update if found another good opportunity.