6 1070TI mining rig


don`t mine 24 hour. only at morning switch on


I used to mine just using nicehash, but I felt like, i was not making enough profit. I also have the problem which coin to mine. As of right now, I am mining ALPS 2x 1060 and 1 gtx 1070. My gtx 1080 is mining kingston KGX to see if its any good.


I mined 6-8 hours on ipool.pw for Travelpay. I didn’t get anything. However, it was a single gtx 1080. I just thought i would have earned something for a newer coin.


Enemy is better then nevermore; for a 6 card 1070ti i see about 65MHs on nevermore and 70MHs on enemy.


@Trog, hi Trog, which coin you mining?


I’m going to be switching over to SMOS soon (currently using windows). When I get it I will switch over to enemy. I tired to find it on github but they took it down.


only for u guys
enemy 1.04 cuda 8.


Right now Mostly BTCP but I do have some cards pointed to RVN… just nothing out there striking my fancy. Seems all new coins implode before we can even sell for a quick buck… I didnt bite at ALPS, seems like a solid scam from the start so I figured i’d avoid it and mine projects that have a promising future (IMO).


Are you selling off your RVN or HODLING them?


I sold all but about 30k of my RVN from about 350 to 850 satoshi and enjoyed some solid profits. I have 10K that i’ll sell at 1k satoshi and I will sell the remaining 20k RVN when it hits the big exchanges and price moons.


Sounds like a solid plan. Have you heard of pigeon coin. Its a hard fork of Raven but don’t know anyone who is actually mining it.


Yea I heard of pigeon coin, the dev folks dont have a plan past the new algo x16s so there is hesitation that the coin might fizzle out. With that being said I did mine a fair share of them when coin first came out and im hodling to see if it shows promising returns like raven did.

Currently it looks like PGN has 1/10 the network hash as RVN which means if you mine RVN and get 10 per hour you could mine PGN and get 100 an hour (roughly).


Do you have any MSI cards? I found these at a decent price at Newegg but not sure if they are any good.


Don’t buy any 10 series cards as 11 series will be announced within a couple weeks and be available for purchase by probably July.


Ok ill hold off then.