6 1070TI mining rig


Any 1070 Ti miners out there? I have 6 currently in my rig. what are you currently mining? I’m mining BTCP at the moment hoping for it to pump when it hits larger exchanges.


I have 18 1070 TIs… im looking for next ravencoin hitting random coins whenever I can find one. If nothing comes up I resort back to verge, lux, garliccoin, or argo (real easy to mine and im building toward a solo masternode).

I dont like how the hard fork went for zcl/btcp so currently waiting to mine it as if price bombs the mining wont be worth it and I just dont see the price being high enough to warrant mining it right now.

Out of curiousity which models do you have for 1070tis? I have EVGA, ASUS, and Gigabyte (hate).


LOL well I guess I have the ones that you (hate). I have the 3 fan Gigabyte 1070 ti’s. I cant complain thought they are very silent and all except one of them (which has been acting up lately) have been performing very well. The lesser know coins that you are mining now are you dumping them or hodling?


Most coins im hodling unless its above average profit for a daily mine then i’ll sell them (with raven as exception, holding til it goes up more)



An example of has rate per card type
currently all mining LUX (so thats what i’ll give numbers on as i can see it right now)
110w per card
+175 core
-800 mem
on linux

EVGA (never crashes) - 21-21.5 MHs
ASUS (seldom crashes)- 20.5-21MHS
Gigabyte (crashes more often then i’d like) - 18.5-19.5 MHs

with gigabytes i’ve tried different risers and different systems all together and no matter what they tend to crash at least once every 2 weeks.


One of my Gigabye cards I am unable to clock it anymore because it constantly crashes. Even at +100core +100mem it would crash(on windows). The other 5 cards are stable at + 100 core +300 mem. As of today I moved from equihash mining to dual ETH + Blake 2b mining which has been giving me better results making around $8 a day with this market crash . As of now I’m converting all of them into ETH. What is the LUX coin giving you per day? Or is it a long term hold hoping for the price to go up?


I normally make between 2.5-4 dollars a card per day doing LUX. I dont hold LUX, though i do sell when it gets to the highest of its weekly average. That being said its my fall back coin when I cant find anything else to mine.



What mhs are you mining? I have a little under 60mhs @ 3 x 1070 (non-ti)


I’m currently mining equihash on mining pool hub at around 2,680 sols for my rig any profits are a measly $5-$6 a day for the whole rig. Need to find a more profitable coin to mine.


what mining pool do you use?


you mine with the most profitable algorithm for your cards, if you want then sell coins and get the BTCP from market.

mining and trading are strictly different.

you can mine RVN, XVG, SPD etc. follow the topics on the forum. don’t waste your rigs power


The pools i use and why are listed below:

  • You cant beat the stability and payout of suprnova.
  • I’ve mined a half a dozen coins off bsod.pw but tend to just now use it for lux.
  • I mine rvn off either jkcpool or cryptopool.party (.25% fee w/ +3000 miners) though cryptopool had an issue a bit ago with ppl not getting payments; they have since not had issues but be hesitant there.
  • I like gos.cx as it has the fresh coins; i usually research new ones that are new to the pool and have made some decent money off mining a coin for 24-48 hours then selling it a couple weeks later.


Yeah I stopped mining BTCP a little while back.


Thanks for the info!


Hi, no offence to suprnova or to you but just sharing my view.
These pools are so big and it’s so easy for them to mess up. On a normal day, all of sudden i start getting so many rejects. Sometimes its just no payouts at all. They change too many things to often that the reward goes down plus the fees.
So i just created my own yiimp pool with new coins from the past month or 2 only. Also no fees and hosted in cloud so no downtimes or missed payments.
I just wanted to avoid downtime and rejects more than fees. I have like 8-10 peeps there with me. You can join us if you want.
Sorry if you think of this post as an ad but this is what i’ve learned from the past 2 months and had to do to avoid more dips in profit.


@ Linus_TechTips: thank you for your info. But (only my opinion) it’s an ad to your pool, on this forum belonghing to another pool.
Nothing more to say.


But still better than suprnova :smiley:
Miner takes all rewards. Not the pool.
I don’t know if/what you are complaining about.

oh and just to elaborate on another benefit: LUCK factor.
Block time is: 116 mins
and iPool.pw finding blocks in under 20

proof iPool.pw


At the moment I am currently mining RVN on Supernova using nevermore miner. Getting an average of 60-65 MH’s. What is everyone else mining?


i`m have 5/1070 and 1/1070ti and have 65mh with enemy 1.03 on ravenminer


How many raven coins are you mining per day?