50 MH/1080 ti on ETH - Amazing improvements on GDDR5X memory cards



the question is how safe is this pill popping software , do we need to worry about any hardware damage in long run ? anyone has any idea in this matter ?


Just a warning about this app, not fully open source and getting reports of virus/malware etc. Use at own risk



It sounds like ETHLargement utility does produce some improved results on ETHash and CryptoNight. Which coins are you guys mining with this utility running.

I would have thought ETC, ETH, PIRL etc would be good candidates.

Any success out there and with which coins? This is more of a “What to mine question” than will the utility work (i.e. it does seem to provide and improvement).



it helps dagger hashimoto cryptos to be decent mining alternatives, but profit is still a bit higher with RVN or LUX (even if electricity is less in ETH)


I’m a little surprised that with the arrival of ETHLargement, that more people are not mining Ethereum Classic (ETC). It appears near the top of Crypt0-zone ranking…it seems like a quality coin compared to most.

Is there a reason why it is not discussed more?


ETC profit on crypt0 zone is totally off, ETC is more or less always a 10% less profitable than ETH, I suggest you do your own calculation based on difficulty, price and blocks avg timing.


Yup, never trust results in calculators :slight_smile:


how do you calculate the expected result then?


Easily. Instead of calculations i run mining for 48h to see real numbers