50 MH/1080 ti on ETH - Amazing improvements on GDDR5X memory cards



If you have GTX 1080 or 1080 ti (GDDR5X memory based card) then use the following tool to get most from your cards on ETHhash and cryptonight algos.


30% increase on ETHhash
10-15% increase on Cryptonight

Coin of The Day : For 1080Ti Miners

cryptonigh it’s about monero ?
Who can share miner for monero, would like to check how profitable it is


just tested on cryptonight heavy: 976 to 1065 H/s for 1 x 1080 ti


it’s very profitable for AMD, i use SRBminer (1060 H/s for heavy on RX580 8GB) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3167363.0

For NVIDIA, I started a miner from remote (I am not at home) XMRIG https://github.com/xmrig/xmrig-nvidia/releases, 1065 H/s on 1080 TI

Mining Haven


And 1065 H/s is > 4$ / day and card is cooler in cryptonight (I use https://haven.miner.rocks)


How tu run XMRrig nvidia for more that 2 GPUS? I am receiving error that something wrong with CPU


Probably broken GPU. Mine 1080Ti showedCPU error and i found it broken


is it now worth mining ETH on GTX1080 now?


what are the OC settings recommended for Haven?


Yea, I can say it works great for 1080ti - 50+mh on all 1080ti - but one of them got 57mh+ !!!

rig of 3x 1070 2x 1080 and 1x 1080ti close to 58mh (wtf???)

As a sidenote:

Tried mining Haven, keep running into 1 problem and can’t find answer online:

cryptonight_extra_cpu_final>:374 the launch timed out and was terminated

Anyone got any ideas?
Never mined cryptonight so I don’t know wtf I’m doing :slight_smile:


my .bat file is
xmrig-nvidia -a cryptonight-heavy --donate-level=1 -o haven.miner.rocks:5555 -u address -p w=1080
on XMRIG 2.6.1 cuda 9

+80 core +400 mem (I reduced mem from +500 to +400 because I started using OhGodAnETHlargementPill-r2.exe and people say it increase the risk of crashing with high mem OC)

miner steady at 1060 H/s, and pool side miner hashrate almost match

why do u use a different port (5555 for me 7777 for u)?


I am back home, and I will test other nvidia miners with Haven, starting with latest xmr-stak

after 5 mins, it gives the same hashrate miner side 1064 H/s, highest 1074


Gettin this error? Thoughts?


Increase page file size


go to NVidia text document and lower the number of thread to 32x84. I have that error and it works fine after.


This looks promising! What coin/pool is everyone mining at the moment? Eth?


Does it use a .BAT file like most miners? do you have an example you could please share? Thanks!


Many are asking questions regarding how to make it work.
I will write blog post tonight.

No. Just run it and remain it opened


Can You white in blog how to adjust page file and lower the number of thread to 32x84?


Just google it, many articles already written for this